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Hi Paul. So, tell us, what has been your career leading up to SmartCo?

I’ve spent the last 15 years leading national programmes and services in the NHS, including frontline digitisation, NHS DigiTrials, and the health and social care network. I’m a graduate of the UK Government’s Major Projects Leadership Academy and a High-Risk Review Team Leader for the Infrastructure and Projects Authority.

What is your new role at SmartCo and what will you be focusing on?

My new role as Director of Healthcare Transformation at SmartCo will be very much a continuation of what I’ve done before – working in partnership with healthcare organisations to improve services for patients and staff.

What attracted you to SmartCo?

Our people, our values, our ambition and our customers. We have a great team and approach to delivering people-centred transformation, the smart way!

What are you most excited about in joining SmartCo?

I’m excited about working with our customers to ‘get things done’.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself…

I thought I should get some frontline experience in my role, so I broke my leg playing with my daughter in the local park. The wonderful team at Epsom and St Helier did an amazing job of putting me back together!

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