The UK government is driving a programme to establish a smart metering infrastructure for energy customers in the UK. A key element of this infrastructure was the establishment and provision of a wide-area (WAN) communications service to transport the volumes of over-the-air (OTA) messaging between energy suppliers’ IT systems and the smart metering devices in consumers’ premises. It is regarded as the largest and most significant Energy Infrastructure project the industry has seen in many decades.

Our client was appointed to design, build and provide the communication hub product. This was a £100m contract. The product development project was tasked with designing, developing and producing a new Communications Hub product, specifically for sale to Arqiva in support of the UK smart metering roll-out.

Smart Co Consulting were asked exclusively to arrange bespoke solutions for 8 programmes of work within our client.

The strategy was to use Lloyd’s team to identify the very best Smart Team across the entire Smart Metering estate including Technical specialist resource through to Project Delivery. He also helped build the operations centred now based at Hook Hampshire. This was a Rapid Project Solution to locate an end to end team with geographic and technical challenges. Smart Co Consulting's bespoke Smart Technology offering is a direct result of our partnership over the last 3 years.

Building a once-in-a-generation programme….


The Data and Communications Company (DCC) is delivering a once-in-a-generation programme to build a smart metering network for Great Britain.

Perhaps the most ambitious of its kind in the world, the programme will allow energy suppliers to roll out millions of smart electricity and gas meters to homes and small non-domestic properties. Funded by the energy industry, the network will connect smart meters to the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users. The smart metering network will help Great Britain become a global leader in smart energy and the development of smart grids.

DCC is the programme and service integrator working on behalf of the energy industry to establish and operate the data and communications infrastructure that will enable all UK homes to have a smart meter by 2020.

Understanding this federated set of diverse stakeholders has led to Smart Co Consulting’s Rapid Project Solution teams helping within several departments through the Design and BAU stages.  From Architecture, Testing, Assurance, Projects and Device SME’s – Smart Co Consulting has provided successful bespoke Smart Solutions.

Digital Transformation

A technology start-up’s programme created by British Gas has led to a digital transformation of how consumers monitor and control energy use in their home. From a standing start over 150,000 British Gas customers use Connected Homes technology providing them with the ability to control heating in their home via their smartphone. Smart Co has been a key supplier through the lifetime of the programme.

The strategy for our client’s technical estate was to not use large technology vendors and instead use open source software to construct services. This meant that Smart Co had to identify and headhunt within a unique set of businesses who had also using this pioneering approach. This skills required were highly desirable, very rare and centred on big data and open source technologies.

Our Rapid Project Solution was specifically designed to uncover extraordinary individuals with unique qualities. Our approach allows us to deliver highly credible and creative searches, finely-tuned market intelligence reports with clear benchmarking and in-depth assessment of senior individuals.