Smart Co help organisations create and/or deliver their Cloud transformation roadmap. We cater for whether you are starting your cloud journey or looking for a bespoke technology solution.



We know that the technology world is moving faster than the capability of most traditional infrastructure environments. This means early adopters are setting the pace of disruption, and some organisations are struggling to keep up, let alone evolve.

Today businesses need to do more than just migrate to the cloud, they need a new cloud-native approach which is set up for innovation and all-important agility.

We are able to offer fully-accredited AWS/ GCP Consulting Partnerships and apply best practice to help customers design, architect, build, migrate and support their journey to the Cloud. 

Our consulting partners evaluate and prioritise the aspects required to support business goals. We deliver a strategic roadmap that provides guidance, risk mitigation, and value realisation milestones. Bringing together a team of experts and best of breed talent we offer and help you gain the maximum benefits of the cloud while delivering the highest level of quality, security, and reliability.


What do we do?

With over eight years of AWS migration experience, we can leverage a variety of open source and AWS tools to unleash the true power of the AWS.


  • Spot instances AWS allows you to bid on unused capacity at a fraction of the cost, which is great for batch processing applications. Not only does this save you money, but it also gives us the ability to build ephemeral infrastructures to enable spot instances. 

  • Auto-scaling. We take auto-scaling to new heights by creating cloud solutions that scale up and down based on load metrics. To ensure the best results, we build new environments based on each pull request.

  • AWS CloudFormation allows you to treat AWS resources as infrastructure-as-code. Combining cloud formation with AWS Lambda provides impressive capabilities, which aren’t possible in a traditional infrastructure. 

  • Google Cloud offers future-proof infrastructure, seriously powerful data and analytics, and no-ops, just code. It comes with everything you need to build and scale, including storage and databases, networking, big data, machine learning, management tools, developer tools and access control.

  • Whether it is building custom applications on Google Cloud Platform or using the cloud to transform the way you do business, we can help your company change the way you work using Google Cloud.

  • Azure provides the flexibility to build and deploy where you need to, using tools, applications and frameworks of your choice. 

  • You can choose how you want to implement Azure, connecting Cloud and on-premise with hybrid capabilities, using open-source technology. 

With our partners, we have been pioneers in Azure and believe that successful cloud adoption, is to adopt the best of breed cloud services across the primary cloud platforms.  We have been working with our customers to rearchitect, build and migrate application workloads to Microsoft Azure.



We provide:

  • Best Practice & Insight. Allowing companies to tap into the experience of experts as well as access to best practice;

  • Strategies. From framing questions to ask; options; facilitating agreements; road-maps to business cases;

  • Architected Solutions. From conceptual and product/toolkit choices to full solutions.

Business transformation

  • Starting with the business, its key to gain alignment internally and bring a new cloud way of working. 

  • We create a business case / adoption strategy, team development and roadmap planning to help the whole organisation evolve and realise value as quickly as possible.

  • Providing a suite of agile, cloud-ready processes, skills and priorities that supports the foundation for ongoing innovation and continuous improvement.



We run and deliver outcomes-focused programmes and projects for our clients, combining the implementation of a cloud strategy with providing fully managed teams with the required skills to implement these complex projects. We provide oversight to these projects as standard and can also offer this oversight to other programmes for our clients.

In an increasingly digital economy, those organisations that bridge the talent gap will enjoy a competitive edge over those who don’t. Our project services model provides you with flexible access to the resources you require to meet the needs of your business and users. We take on the responsibility for overseeing these individuals and their work programme to ensure an agreed set of service measures are met.

Project Services Model

Our project services model provides you with flexible access to the resources our clients require to meet the needs of the business and users. 

We typically deploy our consultants via one of five models:

Project Resources- this can be one or more leaders or functional specialists to add capacity or capability.

Outcome focused team delivery- Smart Co takes lead responsibility for creating and executing a delivery approach to solve a complete business scope in close collaboration and under the ownership for the client team.

Interventions- We deliver an intervention design agreed by the customer to achieve a specific goal; Project Assurance, turnaround, accelerating delivery, hyper-care implementations, etc.

Task & Deliverable Production- Customer does not want to line manage people to complete a task but be more focus on supporting the inputs and validating the outputs.

Flexible Resources - For quick bursts of expertise or POC work that doesn’t require the full time.


We assist with these main transformations:

Infrastructure Transformation

 Infrastructure transformation is usually the first step on the cloud adoption journey; Smart Co help you with the foundation for innovation by re-architecting your environment aligned to business objectives. 

Data Transformation

We are in a world where most companies have huge volumes of data sitting in slow data warehouses and unable to gain the insights required. 

Data transformation helps businesses with machine learning capabilities and analytics by building cloud-native data platforms which are efficient and unlock the valuable data analytics. 

Application Transformation

Every business is looking to be positively disruptive to beat the competitors, delight customers and improve ways of working, however, they are usually only as good as the applications supporting them.

We look to close the gap between what your current applications can do and what the public cloud makes them capable of. From improving efficiencies, providing the scale performance and resilience through to entirely new capabilities.

Realising the potential allows you to develop and deploy innovative applications to stay ahead.



Building a permanent COE to take you forward.

Over the last few decades, organisations have recognised both a shortage of key talent in specialist areas and within the world of emerging technology further complexities exist. New technologies mean more scare resource exists and less experienced tools and recruiters/interviewers.


We can help you in the following ways:


  • Utilising our Consulting Partners for ‘Hiring Manager Mindset’

  • Scoping meeting conducted

  • Project plan approach with customised RAG reporting

  • Tailored assessments

  • Complimenting HR processes: on-boarding, induction and transition coaching

  • Typically, weekly on-site, full project plan, weekly reporting, incorporation of quality feedback


  • We are retained on an exclusive basis in an advisory capacity to identify, assess and select the best possible candidate for your requirement.

  • Customised recruitment strategy 

  • An extensively written job-profile 

  • Specific data-driven candidate research and identification process, with clear deliverables 

  • Access to an unparalleled network of industry connections of expert talent and leaders