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Our clients tend to get in touch when they find themselves in one of four places:

Defined business need but no technology solution – for example, a desire to reinvent customer experience or reduce the cost of the back office.

A high-level business case exists for emerging technology, AI, IPA, RPA. The starting point might be a strategic consulting report claiming that the organisation could save vast sums by adopting RPA, or reading an investors’ update from a competitor saying how data insights have transformed their customer retention.

Proof of concept or trials have given positive or negative test results, however a hesitation as to whether these results are accurate/one off, and whether these small-scale trials can be scaled to for project delivery or with the business outcome.

The reality of surviving with outdated technology preventing a move to a digital world, let alone a cutting edge of intelligence-led emerging tech.  Financial risk and time to change often lead to exploring whether existing tech and sunk investment can be bolted on to, reconfigured or partially replaced. This occurs when radical change is not feasible in the short term, but the business need remains.  In addition, we examine how to give confidence to organisations who could skip a technology era and move straight to an emerging tech solution.



Our managed services model provides you with flexible access to the resources you require to meet the needs of your business and users.

A bespoke service catalogue can be established and maintained to ensure that you can adapt the service to meet your needs as it changes over time.

Key benefits of the managed service approach include:

Flexibility – Organisations have flexible access to resources to meet short-medium term demands as required;

Capability – Access to resources that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, such as consultancy advice;

Oversight – Our managed services are lead by our Executive Director - Consulting and always overseen by a Partner-level Consultant;

Knowledge – Our knowledge of your organisation, service, industry and technologies ensure our services and resources deliver the results needed;

Shared Responsibility – A service based approach allows Smart Co and you to deliver results together;

Cost –  The managed services approach offers excellent value for money and is often VAT reclaimable;

Control – Our Managed Service Partnerships are non-committal and allow flexible access to our teams and their capabilities.

PROJECTS and Programmes

We run and deliver:

Technology-enabled projects & programmes:

  • Translating business cases into defined and mobilised projects

  • Creating and sustaining delivery momentum – sprints or traditional phased

  • Cut over and implementation

  • Project recovery – review – maintain delivery while resolving and building sustainable delivery

  • Project assurance – “Leader behind or beside the leader.”


Over the last few decades organisations have recognised both a shortage of key talent in specialist areas and within the world of emerging technology further complexities exist.

New technologies means more scare resource exists and less experienced tools and recruiters/interviewers.

We can help you in the following ways:


Retained on an exclusive basis in an advisory capacity to identify, assess and select the best possible candidate for your requirement

  • Customised recruitment strategy

  • An extensively written job-profile

  • Specific data-driven candidate research and identification process, with clear deliverables

  • Access to an unparalleled network of industry connections of expert talent and leaders

Building teams of specialist talent to increase in-house capability

  • Utilising our Consulting Partners for ‘Hiring Manager Mindset’

  • Scoping meeting conducted

  • Project plan approach with customised RAG reporting

  • Tailored assessments

  • Complimenting HR processes : on-boarding, induction and transition coaching

  • Typically weekly on site, full project plan, weekly reporting, incorporation of quality feedback