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Hi, Ray. So, tell us, what has been your career leading up to SmartCo?

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience in various roles and industries, allowing me to develop a versatile skill set. My journey has included notable positions at renowned companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce and IBM, where I led teams within the realm of Customer Success at Director level. These experiences provided me with invaluable opportunities to work with cross-functional teams, develop strategic customer relationships and drive successful outcomes. I also had the privilege of spending a portion of my career working in Australia. This international experience broadened my cultural understanding, enhanced my adaptability and sharpened my ability to collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds.

What is your new role and key responsibilities at SmartCo?

In my new role at SmartCo, I have taken on the position of Director, Client Engagement. My key responsibilities revolve around ensuring maximum client value and delivery excellence. This role allows me to leverage my expertise in Customer Success while also providing me with opportunities to learn and grow in new areas. I am thrilled to contribute to SmartCo’s mission and make a meaningful impact in this capacity.

What are you looking forward to most in your new role?

I am genuinely excited about my new role at SmartCo. The opportunity to work on challenging projects, collaborate with brilliant minds and contribute to the company’s growth and success is something that energizes me. I am eager to apply my skills and knowledge to drive meaningful outcomes and I look forward to the learning and development opportunities that lie ahead. Most importantly, I am thrilled to be part of a company that values its employees and provides a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.

What attracted you to SmartCo?

There were several compelling factors that attracted me to SmartCo. Firstly, the company’s sterling reputation in the industry and its commitment to excellence stood out to me. SmartCo’s dedication to delivering high-quality services and its focus on innovation align perfectly with my own professional values. Additionally, the company’s strong emphasis on fostering a collaborative and inclusive work culture appealed to me greatly. I was drawn to the prospect of joining a team of talented individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the industry.

What’s unique about the company?

What sets SmartCo apart from its competitors is its unique combination of customer centricity and delivery excellence. The company’s innovative approach sets it apart, allowing it to stay ahead of the curve and continuously deliver cutting-edge solutions. Moreover, SmartCo’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is commendable. The company actively engages in initiatives that positively impact the environment and society, demonstrating its dedication to creating a better future.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have recently become a Dad, which means my spare time has dramatically changed in the last year and I am loving every moment of it. Spending time with my son Aston, fiancé Rachael and dog-daughter Kiki is my favourite thing to do. Collectively we love travelling, exploring new cuisines and outdoor adventures. Personally, I enjoy going to the gym as I feel a healthy body and mind contributes towards me being my best self in and outside of work. My well-being is also continuously impacted by my undying love for Chelsea Football Club.

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