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Hi, Nick. So, tell us, what has been your career leading up to SmartCo?

Successful delivery of technology and IT in businesses has been the focus of my career, specialising in cloud and software delivery, primarily within the Healthcare industry. I started my career in technology consultancy, large and then startup scale. I then led cloud delivery for a mature startup. Most recently I’ve worked in technical project management and programme management for a high-growth digital health startup, deploying complex digital health services in the US, UK, Rwanda and South-East Asia. I visited a completed project in person whilst travelling through Rwanda which was a real career highlight.

What is your new role and key responsibilities at SmartCo?

I’m joining SmartCo as a Senior Project Manager. I’ll be supporting our clients with their project and programme needs, as well as supporting SmartCo on the internal projects and initiatives we need to scale whilst continuing to provide high-quality services and solutions to our clients.

What excites you most about working at SmartCo?

The opportunity to work with and learn from my SmartCo colleagues on our client’s solutions and challenges. I learn by working with great people on varied opportunities and challenges, and SmartCo provides all of that. Being part of a company that has found that successful touch and is achieving sustained growth is another big positive of course!

How would you describe SmartCo in 3 words?

Results, Nimble, Teamwork

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Curious, Comedy, Competitive.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I love to be outside adventuring and exercising. I’ve done plenty of competitive running and I’m trying out triathlons as well. My latest adventure: living in a camper van from Nairobi to Cape Town. When I’m not rushing around, I love to read and to game (both board and video).

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