Luke Devenish Joins SmartCo

Luke Devenish Joins SmartCo.

7 June 2022

We are excited to announce that Luke Devenish has joined SmartCo as Director of Digital Construction! Wishing you a warm welcome on behalf of team SmartCo.

We sat down with Luke to ask him a few questions about his career to date, aspirations for the Construction sector, what he’s looking forward to in the work and what excites him about working at SmartCo.

What has your career path been leading up to SmartCo?

In my early career, my niche was very much building Strategy & Consulting and Technical Delivery teams. This allowed me to take a very consultative approach: building relationships, rapport and solving my client’s business pains while driving efficiency.

I’m very commercially-minded. So, I focussed on developing long term relationships with my customers by learning to think laterally and grasp what else I could do to deliver added value.

At SmartCo, I have joined a company that is very much in that long term partnering mindset. Coupling quality digital delivery capability that is outcome focussed with building a long standing relationship that develops into a partnering model.

I’m really excited to be joining SmartCo and I can’t wait to get started 🙂

What is your new role and what are the key responsibilities?

The role is Engagement Director within Digital in the Built Environment.

As such, my focus is making us the company that solves client business challenges related to service constraints on global projects in the construction, Real Estate and Infrastructure spaces. 

My core responsibilities are building those key relationships, coming to deeply understand what is driving our clients to seek support and to resolve that pain by making sure I have the right teams on hand to drive the right outcomes. 

At the highest level, my goal is to make sure that our partners’ and clients’ leadership are able to make clear business decisions regarding their technological roadmap. The next level down, I’m there ensuring that their projects are implemented, integrated & optimised coupled with a robust feedback cycle driving improvements. Finally, I want to make sure that I’m constantly driving cost efficiencies, delivering tangible business benefits and mitigating risk.

What do you like most/are looking forward to most about your role?

The people! There’s just such a talented team developing in the business.

What they’ve achieved to grow the business over the last three years is very impressive and has set us up to continue growing at speed. 

The leadership team, in particular, is well-placed to steer the ship going forwards: they’re personable, highly skilled and have great track records in this industry. 

It’s a great time to be joining, as well, the business is growing rapidly with new systems, new infrastructure, new people…it’s gonna be fun! 

What excites you about working at SmartCo?

I’m really drawn to the fact that it’s a smaller, boutique, startup-esque consultancy. 

That kind of environment is just such a high-energy place to work. You can sense the vision of where the company wants to go and it’s exciting to be part of the growth trajectory.

And this also means that the company can be very agile. We can be very flexible when it comes to commercial models and how we engage with clients.  

Lastly, SmartCo’s heritage in healthcare and cloud, in particular, are exciting. For me, this demonstrates the company’s ability to make waves in key industries! I’m looking forward to doing the same in construction :). 

What’s unique about the company?

The fact that they really do care about their people. It’s not just a tick-box thing. 

And as a result, there’s a lot of trust that has been established in the business and between people. There’s none of the ‘big stick’ mentality, but rather a sense that we are all in the same boat and driving towards the same outcome.

Thanks Luke!

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