Project Services Model

Historically, organisations have taken traditional recruitment style approaches to source individuals with certain skillsets to complete a specific project. However, this generally results in substandard resources and can leave an organisation exposed and lacks the quality assurance whilst costing valuable time in management and multiple procurement agreements and touch points.

Our project services model provides you with flexible access to the resources our clients require to meet the needs of the business and users.

We typically deploy our consultants via one of five models:

  • Project Resources - this can be one or more leaders or functional specialists to add capacity or capability.

  • Outcome focused team delivery - Smart Co takes a lead responsibility for creating and executing a delivery approach to solve a complete business scope in close collaboration and under the ownership fo the client team.

  • Interventions - We deliver an intervention design agreed by the customer to achieve a specific goal; Project Assurance, turnaround, accelerating delivery, hyper-care implementations, etc.

  • Task & Deliverable Production - Customer does not want to line manage people to complete a task but be more focus on supporting the inputs and validating the outputs.

  • Flexible Resources - For quick bursts of expertise or POC work that doesn’t require full time.



Flexibility. Organisations have flexible access to resources to meet short-medium term demands as required;

Capability. Access to resources that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, such as consultancy advice;

Oversight. Our project services are led by our Executive Director - Consulting and always overseen by a Partner-level Consultant;

Knowledge. Our knowledge of your organisation, service, industry and technologies ensure our services and resources deliver the results needed;

Shared Responsibility. A service based approach allows Smart Co and you to deliver results together;

Cost. The project services approach offers excellent value for money with predictable price models;

Control. Our Partnerships are non-committal and allow flexible access to our teams and their capabilities.

Projects & Programmes

We run and deliver technology-enabled projects & programme.

An over aching statement-of-work is created which is underpinned with detailed workstreams activities and deliverables.

  • Quality assurance, supervision, direction and controlled by our inhouse experts

  • Change process in place that allows flex up and down of resource.

  • Organisation procures the service rather than individual people

  • We obtain service sheets for all workstreams in the project and merge into 1 for monthly approval with service credits are issued if some of the days not utilised

  • Service frameworks support scale on demand, up-and-down at pace

  • Milestone achievements trigger service payments – quality and acceptance

managed services model.png