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Hi, Jav. So, tell us, what has been your career leading up to SmartCo?

I have over 20 years’ experience in the cloud and infrastructure space. I started out as a very hands-on technical guy before moving on to be a principal architect leading major engagements and then on to executive leadership delivering global services at scale.

My experience has covered many different industry perspectives: I have experience working as an engineer on the client side for the likes of the NHS and William Hill, on the consultancy side for KPMG, Capgemini and as co-founder of cloud consultancy Layer-V, and, finally, on the cloud provider side as a Global Ambassador for AWS and industry thought leader.

This broad range of perspectives has really helped me to understand the needs and views of everyone sitting at the table, be it the pain points of the enterprise, the capabilities of the consultancies or the ways that the CSPs like to operate.

And SmartCo seems like a perfect new home to apply everything I have learned about how to deliver stand-out technology services to their ambitious and exciting roadmap.

What is your new role and what are the key responsibilities?

I have been appointed Chief Technology Officer. So my core responsibility is to develop the overall technology roadmap and service offering for SmartCo.

That job has both human and technological elements, which are equal in importance. It means, firstly, really attuning to the needs of our clients and then, secondly, finely honing our technical capabilities and crafting bespoke innovation solutions to be able to meet those needs at speed and at scale.

At the same time as building relationships with our customers, I am responsible for building our relationships with the wider industry, especially with our partners at Amazon, Microsoft and Google. This is a critical part of our strategy and one that I’m really excited to be leading.

What do you like most/are looking forward to most about your role?

The fact that SmartCo is an independent, boutique consultancy puts it in a very unique position in the market. There is plenty of scope for truly disruptive offerings that play at the edges of what is the norm or expected.

I love the idea of offering complete flexibility around how we deliver services by leveraging the whole breadth of our resources—our permanent delivery teams, our associates, our technology partners and friends—to bring fresh and unique approaches to our clients.

We also have some clear strengths and I’m really looking forward to developing those further, especially around cloud/data transformation and application modernisation.

What excites you about working at SmartCo?

I absolutely love the open, trusting and, ultimately, very human culture that the people here have built. This open spirit is something that we share with our partners and customers alike, which leads to amazing long-term relationships and friendships.

What SmartCo has achieved so far is incredible, but there is the scope for exponential growth if we can create repeatable, scalable solutions across key verticals. And I’m really excited to see if we can bring together the ingredients to make that happen!

What’s unique about the company?

Simply put, we put people first! The emphasis is on having fun and just being our vibrant, human selves.

It’s a young, dynamic, innovative business, but it also benefits from having an experienced tech leadership team that have built and sold businesses before and know what it takes.

From a more technical perspective, a unique feature of our service offering is that we leverage both our own in-house delivery teams as well as a trusted ecosystem of associates that we have built up over the years, which we draw on as appropriate to create a very tailored service for our customers.

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