Thinking. Doing. Building.

Smart Co Consulting support organisations to capitalise on the digital data revolution. 



We do this by:

Smarter Thinking - providing Strategic Consulting; 

Smarter Doing - Project Resourcing; and 

Smarter Building - hiring your Team.


Smarter Thinking

Our consulting partners evaluate and prioritise the elements required to support organisation’s business goals. We deliver a multi-phased, strategic roadmap that provides the guidance, risk mitigation, and value realisation milestones or clients need.

We provide:

  • Best Practice & Insight. Allowing companies to tap into the experience of experts as well as access to best practice;

  • Strategies. From framing questions to ask; options; facilitating agreements; road-maps to business cases;

  • Architected Solutions. From conceptual and product/toolkit choices to full solutions.


Smarter Doing

Our project services model provides our clients with flexible access to the resources required to meet the needs of their business and users.

A bespoke service catalogue can be established and maintained to ensure that our client can adapt the service to meet their needs as it change over time.

We run and deliver technology-enabled projects & programmes.

We typically deploy our consultants via one of five models:



Smarter Building

We build our customer’s teams of specialist talent to increase in-house capability by identifying and selecting the best possible candidates for their requirements.



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